Prompt: I want someone to fuck Mike until he’s whining and begging for release. I have no preference for his partner because I ship him with everyone, I just really want to see him whining, whimpering, moaning, and generally being noisy during sex.

Fill: hit me with lightning (also posted to the kinkmeme)

Warnings: Drunk sex, exhibitionism.

Prompt: So out east you don’t dance with it, you just drink it. What do you dance with?

Fill: Dance With It (on AO3)

Warnings: None.

Prompt: Mike singing and everyone else on the team being stunned and mesmerized.

Fill: Run Away With Me (on AO3)

Warnings: None.

Prompt: Anything about the fact that Briggs called Mike “Baby” not once, but twice. Mike’s reaction, Briggs’ reasoning, further cases where Briggs uses the pet name- anything please!

Fill: make it easier on yourself (and don’t ask why)

Warnings: D/s, public sex.

Prompt: Mike really likes calling people sir.

Fill: Just Another Secret (on AO3)

Warnings: None.

Prompt: Mike Warren joins the Jager program after a Kaiju destroys parts of his home town and though he is deemed drift compatible with Paul Briggs, one of the best known Jager pilots, Briggs refuses to drift with him.

While he continues to train, Mike finds himself working with three other crews, one made up of Johnny Tuturro and Charlie Demarco, one of Dale Jakes and Paige Arkin, and one of Lauren Kincaid and Donnie Banks. Mike watches as each Jager crew puts their lives on the line for humanity and each other, becoming allies and enemies as they do so.

Fill: Picspam (on tumblr)

Warnings: Dub-con, gun play.

Prompt: Multiple prompts. Bello/Mike, he’s paying for all of Mike’s services (TW: non/dubcon). Mike/Anyone - Gunplay (oral). Mike/Bello, dub con gun play.

Fill: Services Rendered (on AO3)

Warnings: Slight ep. 6 spoilers, mildly dubious consent, handcuffs, spanking.

Prompt: I already see a trend of Mike always bottoming, with a handful of “blushing virgin Mike” scattered over the top for flavor. Gimme the opposite. Gimme Mike who knows what he’s doing and his partner’s never been with a dude before, or just one of the other boys preferring to bottom. Gimme top!Mike with a handful of confident!Mike for flavor.

Fill: Once Was Enough (on AO3)

Warnings: Kidnapping, non-graphic rape/non-con, beating, guns.

Prompt: Some operation goes terribly wrong and Mike gets his ass kidnapped. The people he’s against aren’t nice people at all and they’re determined to find out what he knows, who he works for and who he works with, so they beat/torture/assault him. The twist is that the whole team actually can hear everything but for whatever reason can’t track where he is.

Fill: Working For Bello (on AO3)

Warnings: None.

Prompt: 5 times Johnny said I love you to Mike and one time he didn’t.

Fill: in the beginning, i never thought it would be you (on AO3)

Warnings: None.

Prompt: Johnny sucking the cock of one of the guys in the house, either as a one-time, someone (Johnny or the other guy) needs to relieve some tension thing, or a regular no-strings-attached thing.

Fill: Faster Ride (on AO3)

Warnings: None.

Prompt: Any Paige/Johnny without sex. Paige is the big spoon.

Fill: Nightcall (on AO3)

Warnings: None.

Prompt: Mike is the sassy but innocent undercover pole-dancer to help Paige with a case.

Fill: Get Lucky (on AO3)

Warnings: References to suicide, spoilers for E04.

Prompt: Combined Prompt: “After Eddie kills himself, it’s pretty freaking obvious that Mike is shaken up, unstable, and probably feeling hella guilty. Johnny notices and does his best to cheer Mike up.” & “More of Johnny’s backstory, I would love him opening up to more people or just reflecting on it.”

Fill: Golden Boy (on AO3)

Warnings: None.

Prompt: Anything about the fact that Briggs called Mike “Baby” not once, but twice. Mike’s reaction, Briggs’ reasoning, further cases where Briggs uses the pet name - anything please!

Fill: Nobody Puts Mike Warren in the Corner (on AO3)